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Areas we do: Beacon Bay, Nahoon, Dorcherster heights, Chintsa, Selborne, Berea, Cambridge, Amalinda, Bunkershill, Stirling, Abbortsford, Vincent, Morningside, and Gonubie ONLY ( other places we can see if you accept the out of town fee to come to you ) .

YOUR First 10km are FREE but we do charge extra if you are further than10km per trip.


Please note as there are many different breeds not all breed prices are on here - please call to get an exact quote

    Small dogs - Wash, brush, nails, clean ears -> short hair - R208 - Long hair - R240

    Small dogs - Wash, brush, nails, clean ears & CUT/SHAVE/TRIM -> Long hair - R305

    Small dogs TOY POM - Wash, brush, nails, clean ears & TRIM -> Long hair - R311 - SHAVING - R400 * reason for wanting to shave ?

  • .......

    Medium dogs - Wash, brush, nails, clean ears -> short hair - R268 - Long hair - R287

    Medium dogs - Wash, brush, nails, clean ears & CUT/SHAVE/TRIM -> Long hair - R346

  • .......

    Large dogs - Wash, brush, nails, clean ears -> short hair - R300 - Long hair - R376

    Large dogs - Wash, brush, nails, clean ears & CUT/SHAVE/TRIM -> Long hair - R399

    Large dogs TOY POM - Wash, brush, nails, clean ears & TRIM -> Long hair - R450 - SHAVING - R550 * reason for wanting to shave ?

  • ......

    Nails & Anal glands - R110

    Cats & Bunnies - Brush R260 - SHAVE - R300 * reason for wanting to shave ?

  • .......

    We do offer maintenance plans for cats, bunnies and long haired dog breeds if you dont have the time to - bi weekly and monthly for a cheaper rate

    There are other services we offer and tailor made grooming's to what you want - just too much to put on here LOL - call us to see !

    Call the office to get the correct price according to your correct breed and type of grooming, let us quote you correctly and groom what's right for you fur baby and what is best for them too, according to there breed.

YEARLY INCREASE - JAN 2024 but they can change at any time

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Terms & Conditions

  • R200 fee will apply If no one is there to open or the dogs are not at the house. R150 fee will apply If you dont give us 48 hrs notice before canceling or rescheduling your booking, without paying this, you will not be re booked in, until we get the cancelation fee paid up. R200 fee will apply if you cancel one of your dogs on the day of grooming but not the others.
  • **We will accept EFT PAYMENTS ONLY**
  • If pet who we regularly groom is extra matted it will be added to this bill.
  • We will always do our very best to do what we can, if we have an unexpected load shedding during our grooming's. These power outages are very unpredictable and we will try our very best to plan as much as we can but they tend to turn to different stages within a few minutes notice.
  • If your dog is booked for a CUT/SHAVE we will do a trim and we will towel dry as much as we can to get the dog dry dry as we won’t be able to use the blower to dry them. You will be billed accordingly for the type of grooming performed on the day.
  • May vary by a few minutes early or later than the booked time - if we are going to be very later the groomer will msg you to notify you as there are times when we have no control over the time, traffic, difficult dog and so on...
  • Must be someone home to open for me to come groom.
  • Must provide 2 BIG towels per pet - due to hygiene reasons.
  • Must provide a power & water source.
  • Must provide an undercover area like a garage or veranda to work in, as pet and groomer may never work in the sun.
  • Pets must be groomed every 4, 6 or 8 weeks.
  • Clients must clean ears and brush there dogs every week.
  • Grooming hours:
  • Mon, Tue, Wed, Thru, Fri (8am - 5pm)
  • PRICE INCREASES YEARLY – Around Jan/Feb time each year
  • *On payment for this invoice you here by acknowledge and accept the above terms and condition.
  • BANKING DETAILS - Company Name: GoingAway PTY ltd Bank Account Name: Standard Bank Account Number: 10132494033 Account Type: Transmission Bank Name: Vincent Branch Code: 051001

  • Certification/Qualification

    Contact Jacqui (Jacqui green walking/Pawstar grooming parlor) on 063 758 8311 to verify our qualification in Pet Grooming.