Pet & House Sitting Bookings

Our Prices ( Eastern Cape prices below and Western Cape price to come soon)

Per day - price options:

  • Option 1 - 1 x FEEDING - R200 (30 to 40mins)
  • Option 2 - 2 x FEEDING - R305 (30 to 40mins each time)
  • Option 3 - 3 x FEEDING - R390 (30 to 40mins each time)
  • Option 4 - EVENING/OVER NIGHT HOUSE SITTING - R350 for a house sit (+/- 5.30pm to +/- 8am ) includes feeds
  • Option 5 - 24.7 ALL DAY & NIGHT HOUSE SITTING ( A new day starts at 8am - *am to 8am next day ) - R415 for 24/7 , Half days will be pro rata ( all day and night, sitter is allowed to leave for +/- 2 hours per day ) includes feeds and can include 1 x walk for 1 dog per day
  • Hourly pet sit - per hour R95 - Min booking is 2 hours please - any thing over 8 hours normal rate apply
  • Special charges - HOUSE SITTING - R435 for December 25th, 26th and 31st & January the 1st


  • 10% discount for all new clients
  • 10% discount for all bookings over 30 days
  • 10% discount for pensioners 60 and over, ID must be emailed to qualify for that discount
Increase 1 Feb 2024

Extras & Other charges:

  • R225.00 - key collection & drop off
  • R170.00 - to walk 2 small dogs for +/-30mins
  • +/- R280.00 - for vet visit, collect later is an additional R90
  • +/- R300.00 - for drop off or collection at the airport
  • R6.00 per Kms will be worked for out of town fee (more than 10km radius)

Make a booking (Invoice have a 24hr turnaround time, please be patient)


Terms & Conditions


GoingAway Pet & House Sitters does not provide a security or armed response service. Using a house sitter creates an occupied impression and leaves your pets in good care.


The Overnight house-sitting hours are around 17:30 – 07:30.

Or if you have chosen the 24/7< Service are around 08.00 – 08.00. (Sitters are allowed to leave 2 hours in the day with this booking - this includes 1 x walk for 1 dog a day)

If the booking is only Feeding the times (Morning and afternoons 30 to 40mins each time) are around +/- 7.30am and 5.30pm.

Walking is 30mins long, with two small dogs, large dogs will be taken separately, 15 mins each to make up the 30mins.

If you required them to come back at lunch time to check pets it will be at an additional cost.

House sitters are not expected to be confined to the premises during these hours, but use discretion when leaving and returning to the property. The sitter to tell the client when they leave the house. 24.7 sitting the sitter is not meant to be away for longer than 1 hours per day unless an emergency, in that case Goingaway will replace the sitter. The house sitter’s life remains priority when in danger and he or she will always act accordingly.

Sitters will clean up after ourselves, but we are not a spring cleaning company.

The house sitters of GoingAway Pet & House sitters always strive to act professional and responsible at all times to ensure a quality service. Except where negligence can be proven beyond a doubt, the house sitters of GoingAway Pet & House cannot be held responsible for any damages, theft or burglary of any kind that might occur during the time of service.



In respect to liability, house sitters are contracted by GoingAway Pet & House on a voluntary basis and not permanently employed. Therefore, they are responsible for their actions in their personal capacity. In the case of a dispute regarding damages, theft or burglary, home owners should take it up with the respective house sitter without having any claims against GoingAway Pet & House and its owners.



A copy of the written instructions you give to your sitter must be emailed to me before you leave.



1. If you allow the sitter to use your WiFi at your home then it needs to please be put in writing to me (email) that you have given consent. Also, the situation with the data usage needs to please be stipulated, i.e. is it uncapped etc.


Your alarm company

If you are not happy or comfortable to tell your alarm company that you are going away, then we will need this in writing from you. We don’t want to put any sitters in danger/trouble with security guards etc.



We will no longer drop off keys in post boxes (or under pots etc) unless they are totally secure. If keys have not transfer hands directly (from sitter to clients or visa versa) GoingAway will not be held liable for losses or theft.



Sitters are not allowed partners, friends or kids in your home while you are away.



Some of our sitters are students and are studying, please bear with them over the exam times and that they have classes to attend. they will do there best to help you where they can.



Discrepancies or complains must be reported to the Owner (Leanne Burger) within 24hrs after the home owner’s return.

PLEASE NOTE: All Sitters have had reference checks done and had a police clearance done, and handpicked by Leanne herself.



  • 10% DISC – if you are a new client
  • 10% Disc – if you go away from over 30 days
  • 10% Disc - if you are over 60 years of age - must attached copy of ID as proof

*Feeding in the morning or night or both, the sitter will stay from 30-40mins long.
*only applies to pet sitting bookings

Once payment has been done, we would request proof of payment sent to my email address. It is compulsory for us to meet you and your pets before you go away. PAYMENT must be done ASAP to secure you a sitter.


Booking Process

  1. Quote is sent to client
  2. Leanne will organize a sitter
  3. Client accepts our quote
  4. Client pays the 100% to secure the sitter
  5. Confirmed with client house sitter/pet feeder is booked
  6. Meet & greet
  7. Instructions are emailed to goingaway as well as a copy is given to the sitter by the client to keep on the property ONLY
  8. 2 payment may be done but the remaining 50% payment MUST be made 7 days before client depart ALL INVOICES MUST BE PAID IN FULL BEFORE THE BOOKING STARTS
  9. Sitter will come collect keys
  10. Booking commences
  11. Client returns home
  12. Sitter will drop off keys
  13. Client must inform Leanne (via email or WhatsApp) if they were happy with the Sitter & Service and that they are safely home, if they do not sitter is to follow up and remind the client. The a feedback message will be sent to you to get the rating on the sitter as this is vital to the our business.


A feedback message will be sent to you once you are home, to get the rating on the sitter and the service you received, as this is vital to our business and growth. Your opinion matters to us!



If you have emailed us before you will be added to the newsletter as to keep up to date with all our developments. If you wish to now, please unsubscribe at the bottom of the newsletter.

*On payment for this invoice you here by acknowledge and accept the above terms and condition.


Payment Terms:

  • WE ONLY accept EFT.
  • Cash deposit are NOT ALLOWED as the bank charges us.
  • If cash please pay the owner Leanne Burger at her address provided above.
  • Payment must be paid before the date of booking
  • INCREASE WIIL BE EVERY FEBUARY - Invoice will be updated in the last week of Jan for any future invoice booked.

    Cancellation and Dates Change Policy:

    • 0% refund - 0 -13 Days before booking date
    • 50% refund - 14 - 25 Days before booking date
    • Arrive early from trip/booking/Change dates to less - NO REFUND

    Banking Details

    Standard Bank
    Leanne J Burger


    Best Regards,
    Leanne Burger | Director
    “Your Personal Professional Pet and House Sitters since 2005”