GoingAway are Professional Sitters which specialise in Pet & House Sitting, as well as Mobile Pet Grooming.

GoingAway is a Mobile Pet Grooming and, Pet/House Sitting Service. We are based in East London, Grahamstown and Port Elizabeth it began in 2005.

GoingAway uses only the BEST Pet and House sitters. (see our Sitters page for the team) Our sitter have all police clearances done and checked, as well as all the reference's checks done too! They have had full training! So you have peace of mind! We go the extra mile for you time and time again and never let you down! Don’t worry, let us take care of it for you, so you do not have to panic at the last minute! We know how much you care about your extended family. Ensuring that they feel comfortable and safe is important to me, which is why we are happy to attend to them in their own homes. A familiar place to them and a convenience to the customer.

We can feed, walk and do all the things that your pets are used to. We can also be a temporary resident in your home if required, depending on the particular pet or situation. We understand that leaving the responsibility of caring for your beloved pet with us is based on trust, respect and a mutual care for the well-being of your pet. We can even take them to the vet for you too. We will care for your pets and make sure they are fed and have company they need to make sure the don’t pine for their owners, and for the home, we are a security so the thieves can see there is activity and not attempt to break in.

That is why GoingAway is happy to meet with you beforehand so that we can get to know a bit about each other and the sitter can get to know your pet. You can be assured with our professional service which is personal to you, helping to provide peace of mind. We will accommodate your needs with as little as a days’ notice. Please see below, but a hand full of +/- 60 references we have gotten over the last 11 years. We are looking forward to meeting you and your special pets soon!

About Leanne & how GoingAway was created

Leanne was Born In Cape Town 0 to 6 years old, and then moved and lived in East London from 6 to 12 years old, then Matriculated in Johannesburg. My first job was at Lion Park with Kevin Richardson (The Lion Whisperer) in 2000 where I looked after Lions, Cheetah , Caracal, Brown & Spotted Hyena, Black Backed Jackal, Giraffe, Black Leopards, normal Leopards, Jaguar and white lions for just over 5 years of my life, it was the best years for me, as I was always an animal person but this just added to my huge love for them.

GoingAway was then established by Leanne Burger in 2005 during my time in Cape town. It started with walking dogs and then lead to house sitting & feeding. Leanne was also interviewed on the 26 October 2005 by the Cape Argus and Greenways newsletter regarding the walking and my life with the lions. At a later stage she relocated back to Johannesburg and continued GoingAway in the big city.

After Johannesburg she worked at Thorny Bush Lodge in Hoetspruit as an Front of House/Receptionist and then she moved to Ingede Lodge in Welgevonden as Lodge Manager and lastly Leanne ended up in Grahamstown at Indwala Game Lodge as a Lodge Manager/Trainee Chef.

Leanne then decided to move back to East London where she finally met my husband Gregg Burger, and she started GoingAway up again in 2010, and this is where Goingaway grew its wings and expanded beyond my wildest dreams. Leanne has also worked for the East London SPCA for nearly 2 years. So even if you have a Lion, Leanne can look after that too!

House and pet sitting is quite a new thing in SA, but people are warming up to it, and in the last 7 years Leanne has personally seen the huge growth in this type of business in Johannesburg and Cape Town.

"I believe that our pets and home must be cared for while we are away for anything being a holiday, to an emergency or for business. I have personally hand pick each of my sitters. I have been doing this now for over 11 years and have learnt so much and can honestly say we are Specialists in this field with confidence. I set very high standards for GoingAway and my Team. I would not be here if it was not for my amazing Team, they really are the stars and pillars of this business!"

GoingAway in the news & old some photos