Mobile Pet Grooming Bookings

Areas we do: Beacon Bay, Nahoon, Dorcherster heights, Chintsa, Selborne, Berea, Cambridge, Amalinda, Bunkershill, Stirling, Abbortsford, Vincent, Morningside, and Gonubie ONLY .

Grooming Price List

Dogs   Cats/Bunnies
 SmallMediumLargeX LargeS/M/L
Wash & Dry & Brush R 145 R 160 R 190 R 255
Wash, Dry, Brush & Cut R 180 R 215 R 245 R 285
Wash, Dry, Brush & Nails R 155 R 195 R 215 R 275
Wash, Dry, Brush, Cut , Nails & Ears R 200 R 245 R 265 R 305
Cut R 155 R 195 R 215 R 275 R 215
Nails R 70 R 70 R 70 R70  
Anal glands R 95 R 95 R 95 R 95 R 95
Brush R 150 R 160 R 170 R 180 R 195
Extra Fee     
Extremely matted R 65 R 100 R 135 R 165 R 165
More than 10 Kms - charge per km R 3.50    
Grooming products      
Purple shampoo 5lt R125     
Skin issues shampoo 1lt R175     
Doggy deo's (spritza) 100ml R70     

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Terms & Conditions

Hours open: Mon, Tue, Wed, Thur, Fri (8am - 5pm)

  • Bookings by appointment ONLY Online
  • Must be someone home to open for me to come groom
  • Must provide 2 towels per pet - due to hygiene reasons
  • Must provide a power source
  • Must provide either inside bath or water cold and hot source for out tub
  • Must provide a closed room depending on the type of grooming (like a garage) to brush and shave in
  • Payment must be done 7 days before booking
  • If no one is there to open a cancellations fee will apply R100
  • Pets must be groomed every 4, 6 to 8 weeks
  • If pet is extra matted it will be added to this bill after the groom
  • On rainy days the booking might have to be moved to another day or time
  • Booking times we will try our level best to stick to bu there are times thing happen that are out of our control and will try residual your booking for another day
  • Increases 1 Feb 2021


Contact Jacqui (Jacqui green walking/Pawstar grooming parlor) on 063 758 8311 to verify our qualification in Pet Grooming.